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Alone we’re good, Together we’re better


We believe Senior Revenue Leaders need and deserve a safe place to network, mind-share, collaborate and co-elevate.


The Brightest Minds in Revenue Leadership

Join executives from some of the largest and fastest-growing organizations

Connect, Collaborate, Co-Elevate

What is CSO Connected?

CSO Connected is on a mission to build the worlds most senior revenue leadership community. 

We understand careers at the executive level can be tough to navigate. You’ve probably heard the saying it’s lonely at the top, that’s why we  believe leaders need and deserve a place to come together, to share knowledge, learn and find guidance to get through every professional twist and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

Engage in weekly virtual discussions

Every week we facilitate quality virtual discussions led by experts in their field to enable leaders to share ideas, thoughts and strategies to build world-class businesses. Most commonly in the format of roundtable type conversations, hosted every Friday morning 10.30am UK.

Join the CSO Summits

2.5-day exclusive summits in breathtaking locations where 60+ senior revenue leaders from various industries come together to discuss pressing topics, challenges and solutions incremental to achieving their revenue objectives.

Access to the worlds best revenue thought-leadership

CSO Connected has an extensive and ever growing library of executive interviews, virtual roundtables, event footage, podcasts, articles and more. Watch as much as you want, any time you want, where-ever you want. 

Join Europe’s most senior revenue leadership summit

60+ senior revenue leaders coming to a remote location for 2.5 days to network, mind-share and orchestrate potential collaborations.

Join the brightest minds in revenue leadership

Be part of a generous community of senior executives committed to collectively co elevate.

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No More to Status Quo

This year we’re making a real effort to change the state of women in sales leadership.

Simply put, we’re no longer accepting the status quo! For the last 2 years we’ve averaged between 14-18% of our event attendees being female, this year we can double that!

In our mission to bring about a more diverse and inclusive community we’re asking everyone who’s joining our CSO UK summit in November to invite at least one female sales leader or sponsor a future sales leader to join!


Don’t just take our word for it….

I’ve been a part of CSO Connected for the last 3 years and have met some incredible sales leaders across all walks of industry.  The CSO Connected forum has provided me with many connections that have helped me to further my sales leadership and sales credentials whilst also learning about fascinating businesses and success stories.  The CSO Connected weekly roundtables are a staple part of my week and when we get together as a wider group it is great to meet up with new friends and acquaintances and talk passionately about the greatest profession of all – SALES.

Howard Young

Global Head of Channel Partners , Western Union Business Solutions